Luxury Lifestyles: 3 Luxury Fashion Brand Home Collections

‘Luxury Lifestyle’ is a much called-upon catch phrase in today’s sought-after niche markets.

A term often utilized by builders and real estate agents alike, its real success has been more recently enjoyed by luxury fashion brands, such as Armani, Diane Von Furstenberg, Hermès, Fendi and Versace. In addition to their clothing lines, these top designers have extended their runways into our homes. In part, their collections include accessories, dinnerware, fabrics, furniture and lighting. Although not an entirely new concept, the success of these luxury fashion brands has been undoubtedly propelled by their perceptive talents in mastering the trends. In the past few years, where other markets have plummeted, luxury fashion brands have soared (partially fueled by the desire for branded Western goods in China and Asia.) Nonetheless, the luxury fashion brands continued integration into homewares delivers cutting edge style, with a new focus on sustainability, and undoubtedly appeals to the consumers that may buy less, but better.

Here are three that top the list:

FENDI: Since 1989 FENDI CASA creates decors, furniture and prestigious objects that evoke the FENDI taste for homes. A project that is characterized by the workmanship skills of precious materials that translates in the creation of furniture collections such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds, poufs and design objects in line with the FENDI lifestyle philosophy.

ARMANI: Armani/Casa was founded in the year 2000 as a separate division, though seamlessly linked to the other “worlds” within the Armani Group, providing a platform for Giorgio Armani to set out his vision of the living space: an intimate and very special place, at one and the same time both comfortable and sophisticated. The collection ranges from furniture to accessories, and from fabrics to ornaments and lighting.

VERSACE: Versace Home collection was launched in 1992. Originally, it started as a collection of lines and textiles for the home… sheets, duvets, pillows and cushions. Later released was a carefully designed range of porcelain dinner services which represented the neo-classical sentiments of its fashion textiles.