Increase Your Power When Buying and Selling a Home

One of the many services offered by Colleen Rock and The Rock Group is a loan shopping service. This service can find a way for buyers to get more home for their money, as well as present listings as an even better value. Many buyers today mistakenly assume that when buying a home, they have to put down more than five percent. Otherwise, if they put down less than five percent, they are stuck with FHA financing that has expensive private mortgage insurance (PMI), which can raise their monthly payments by a couple hundred dollars per month, on average. However,

Tax on Home Sales Buried in Health Reform Bill?

Rumors are flying with respect to a Home Sale Tax buried within the Health Reform Bill. The answer is NO. As always, our association (National Association of Realtors) works diligently in not only supporting homeowner’s rights, but also tracking issues of concern. Here’s a recent excerpt from our news feed that should help clear up some concerns: “Contrary to reports and newspaper articles circulating widely on the Internet, there is not a 4.0% “sales tax” or “transfer tax” on the sale of a home included in the recently signed health care reform bill. The analysis underlying these reports is incorrect

REALLY? “Federal Energy Audit Certificates” required prior to selling a home?

Since the signing of HR 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (aka “the cap and trade” energy bill signed on 6/26/09) rumors have been flying. The most rampant seem to be: 1) Homeowners will be required to obtain “federal energy audit certificates” before selling their home; and 2) Homeowners will be required to update their homes, per the federal government’s compliance levels, before selling or transferring real property. This is false… at the federal level. I say this with caution, because the House-approved Bill leaves the decision to states as to whether or not they wish

House Whisperers

As the economy continues to gyrate in general, the inventory of homes for sale is at an unprecedented high.  After 18 years in real estate, I’ve learned – when it seems like there’s no way out – dig in.   So I roll up my sleeves, work harder and push the limits of creativity. Which is exactly what led to my beginning this blog.  For those that know me, I could easily write, and write, and write. However, as Jimi Hendrix so eloquently put it – “knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”  I wanted to blog and share something that was different and hopefully beneficial to both home sellers and