New Construction

Whether you’re ready to start or still weighing the options of building a new home, remember, builders are home sellers too. In fact, most builders encourage and appreciate working with a REALTOR. And, since the commission paid to a Broker/Realtor is recognized as marketing fees, this service has no impact on the final cost of the home. For this reason, I dedicate a steady percentage of my business to working with clients who are looking to build their dream home.

Having over 15 years in the industry and networking with various builders (local and national), allows me the resources and expertise to provide you with an objective, cost-effective approach when finding and building your dream home.

In addition to the time constraints, financing options, selections’ process, and after-sale costs considerations, there are two main factors that must be met: selecting your ideal lot (location, location, location) and, selecting a reputable builder. For every step of the way, I’m there to help with a well-designed plan structured to meet your needs and assure your satisfaction and success.

To further discuss your options, or schedule an appointment, simply complete the form below. Upon submittal, you will receive a courtesy copy of the “must know” New Construction Glossary to acquaint yourself with many of the commonly used building terms.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together in making your dreams come true!

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