What's Your Style

When it comes to buying a home, there are several architectural styles to choose. Much like our personal taste, each home’s style offers a specific layout that makes it unique. Inevitably, it’s our lifestyle that will dictate the home that best fits our needs.

The following list includes the basic home styles predominantly found in Northeast Ohio. What’s your style?


Two to three stories, symmetrical façade, rectangular design, center- front door, second floor bedrooms. Classic detailing. Today, as a result of the various cultural traditions that came with early settlers, colonial homes have evolved into a diverse mix of styles, such as, English, Dutch, French and Spanish.


One-and-a-half stories, low pitched roof, dormers often added for aesthetics and space, first floor bedrooms, if finished - may have additional bedroom(s) up, efficient use of space, common features found include built-in shelves, seats, and leaded glass cabinets.

Cape Cod

One or one-and-a- half stories, gabled-sided roof with steep pitch, dormers often added for space and light, first floor bedrooms, if finished – may find additional bedroom(s) up, added interior interest due to slope of ceilings as a result of roof pitch.


One-story, rectangular-shaped, L-shaped or U-shaped designs, pitched gable roof, large picture windows, emphasis on openness, distinct separation between bedrooms and living space, simplistic floor plans, decorative shutters.


Also referred to as a raised-ranch. Front entry divided equally between floors, bedrooms located on upper floor apart from living room, kitchen and dining room. Lower level family room, utility area and garage access. Great plan for sloping lots.

Split Level

Multi-level design, typically 3 or 4 levels, short flights of stairs, each level dedicated to specific living activities. Bedrooms located a half-floor above living room, kitchen and dining floor, compact use of space, conducive to uneven or sloping lots.


Not an architectural style; a form of ownership. Condominiums can be townhouses, low rise, high rise or clustered units. You own both your private living space and a share of the common areas and land. A monthly fee is charged for covering the costs of maintaining the common areas.


Also referred to as “row house.” Attached homes, often similar in style, share common walls, 2 to 3 stories, bedrooms typically located on top floor. Limited yard and patio space. Homeowners’ own both the structure and the land on which it sits.