• First and foremost – your privacy is guaranteed (see Privacy Statement).
  • The beauty of giving online is that it’s simple and secure. Payments made through this page are processed securely through JustGive.org.

Here are a few processing suggestions:

  • The link below will direct you to my charity wish list page on JustGive’s website.
  • From this page, select your charity – enter the amount and click “add to my basket.”
  • Once you are directed to the Gift Option page, this page will default to Colleen Rock and my business email address. Do not change this information. This serves, if you would like, as your entry into the Drawing(s). An email is sent with the date, charity name and your name – that’s it. All other information is kept confidential.
  • Also, on the “Gift Option” page, you must check the box to indicate the amount of your donation. $50.00 is the minimum eligibility for the Drawing(s). If you do not check this box, your Drawing entry will be invalid.
  • If you choose to make a donation to another charity that is not listed in my wish list, please forward a copy of your email receipt from JustGive.org and that will serve as your entry in my Drawing(s).
  • When making payment – it is very important to note that JustGive.org charges a processing fee of $5.00 (which is reasonable cost for processing). However, there is an additional option to donate $3.00 which you must uncheck if you do not wish to exceed the $5.00 fee.