Steps to Selling

There’s one goal – your success. Our mission is getting you through the process in the least amount of time, with the highest possible sale price! With some 100,000 homes listed each week In Northeast Ohio, it’s imperative we take every step possible in assuring your home stands out amongst the competition.

1 Make a Good First Impression. Generally, an attractive well maintained home will sell faster and for a higher price than a similar less cared-for home. When preparing your home to sell, we need to be critical, both inside and out.
2 Price Your Home Correctly. Price intelligently to attract serious buyers and to leave yourself room to negotiate. We will work together in determining the best price for your home. Remember, sellers don’t establish price, the market does.
3 Make Sure Your Home is Marketed Effectively. It’s tough to sell your home if no one knows it’s for sale. Maximum exposure through a well-planned marketing mix of media, direct mail, internet and networking is what gets a home sold! Your home must be actively marketed 24/7 until it's sold. That's our service guarantee.
4 Prepare for Showings. Each and every showing is an opportunity to sell. Be open-minded and create simplicity and spaciousness, so it's easier for buyers to see themselves living in your home. Once shown, feedback from prospective buyers is vital. Buyers’ comments guide us in both staging your home and allowing us to correct any obstacles that could possibly have a negative impact on the sale.
5 Negotiate the Terms of a Sale. Negotiating lays the foundation for your success. A real estate transaction is multi-faceted with many variables. Disregarding any one key feature can prove costly. We navigate you through the process with expertise that is honed daily, sensitive to your needs, and specific to your goals.
6 Review the Home Inspection Report. In today’s market, prior to completing the same, buyers most often conduct home inspections. Once the inspection is complete, a buyer has a few options when moving forward. Unless the buyer has accepted or waived the inspection, we will review the inspection report, discuss and determine a fair response.
7 Your Home Appraisal. An appraisal is an estimate of your home's market value. The buyer’s lender typically arranges for the appraisal, but only after you've accepted and negotiated the offer. The buyers’ lender will expect the appraised value to be equal or more than the agreed upon sale price. An appraisal for anything less can complicate, and perhaps terminate the sale.
8 Prepare for Closing. In Northeast Ohio, the closing process typically involves a title company, escrow agent, seller, buyer, listing agent and selling agent. Within a week prior to the transfer of the title, it’s customary for the seller and buyer to meet with the escrow agent. This meeting is done separate of each other, to review and sign paperwork. Within a few days thereafter, and, once funds are secured, the property will transfer title. At this time, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to allow the seller to maintain possession of the home for an additional 3-5 days, at no cost. In the event additional time is required, we can assist you in negotiating rental terms and fees. In some areas, round-table closings are conducted where all parties meet at one time on the day of title transfer. In Northeast Ohio, this is not the standard practice.

Congratulations – You’re Moving. Don’t forget to ask about our concierge moving services.

This is the Selling Process at a glance. We’re there throughout the entire process, and beyond, to handle every detail and assure a seamless transaction.